Iron and Steel Dmcc
professionalism and experience
in steel production
and steel mother alloy
Iron and Steel Dmcc
has entered a number of
Diversification Activities
in energy sectors

Iron and Steel Dmcc was established in 2014

to transfer professionalism and expertise of its Team to exploit the advantages of “emerging New markets” in steel production and steel mother alloy.

Experience, Innovation and Technology

The company is managed by the great experience of its highly professional and constantly renewing technical staff.

Iron and Steel Dmcc still considers new projects

that are in line with its culture and strategy for low-cost production, high quality standard ,as well as being niche market providers of steel.

A strong independent exporter around the world

Iron and Steel Dmcc growth and profitability was based upon a close relationship with key European producers and the establishment of a small sales network, predominately in the EU and in the East Europe.

Biodiesel & HVO
Bioliquids for power generation
Esterified Oils & Esters
Oils & Fats

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